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MemoCal Plus

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Category Utilities Price $3.99 Release Jul 28, 2011

MemoCal Plus is an intuitively simple and easy to use calendar application.

It incorporates many fun and practical features that enable you to add handwritten memos and photos, and input text directly into the calendar.

MemoCal Plus Functions

+ Arranging and Taking Photos (Camera equipped iPad is required for taking photos)

The addition of the photo function means this application can now be used in an even wider variety of scenarios.

Photos stored on your iPad can be enlarged, reduced, rotated, and arranged as photo icons, and can also be set as background photos. Also, if your iPad is equipped with a camera, you can take photos directly within the application, which is great for making a daily baby diary or meal diary. You can add memos to your photos for an even more personal touch!

MemoCal Plus FunctionsMemoCal Plus Functions

+Text Input with Tags

Tags are ideal for when you want to input more information than just in a simple handwritten memo. Using tags is really simple. Just arrange the tag on the screen and tap the enlarge button, and you can then enter text. When the tag is reduced again, entered text is displayed as a thumbnail so you can conveniently check the contents at a glance.

Text Input with Tags Text Input with Tags Text Input with Tags

+ Changing Background Colors and Setting Wallpaper

You can choose the background of day cells from 5 different colors. You can also set the wallpaper according to events, making the overall look of the calendar more bright and colorful!

Changing Background Colors and Setting Wallpaper

+ Pen and Eraser Default Settings

You can set the pen color and thickness and eraser thickness to the desired settings so your handwritten memos turn out exactly how you want them!

Pen and Eraser Default Settings

+ Sleep Settings

You can switch the sleep setting button ON/OFF to display the calendar without the iPad switching to sleep mode.

* Please note that the battery will run down faster when the sleep setting is OFF.

Sleep Settings


You can choose from a maximum of 120 icons.

*Icons will be updated in sequence.


Other functions

You can undo up to 5 previous pen and eraser operations using the UNDO button.
+ Pen
You can choose from 10 pen colors
+ Pen Writing
You can write dots with a simple tap of the finger, making memo writing feel smooth and natural.
+ Supports Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish, Korean and Chinese languages
National holidays and guidance are now supported in 7 languages.
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Produce & Design : PLUS RYU

Programming : HaL Engineering Co., Ltd.