iPad Application : MemoCal lite version

MemoCal lite

Handwriting simple memo calender "MemoCal lite"

App Store : Category Utility, Price Free态Release 2011.3.4

MemoCal lite is the calendar which is easy to memo by handwriting.

By focusing on the minimum necessary functions, the operation is very simple and intuitive.

The date cell will be zoomed in when you tap any of them.

You are able to choose one of the 5 colors of pen and adjust the size of it. Also there are 65 unique icons to use on your memos. (Icons are added by update)

To go back to the calendar, just press the 'DONE' button. You can see your memos in the cell.

It is easy and fun. Try to make your original calendar with MemoCal lite!


MemoCal lite version
  • Flick move to the next month
  • From Jan.2011 to Dec.2013
MemoCal lite version
  • 5 colors of pen
  • Pens and Eraser are able to adjust the size
MemoCal lite version
  • 65 unique icons.
    5 icons are available to use one time.
    (*Icons will be updated in sequence.)
MemoCal lite version
  • You can set holidays and the clock.
    10 countries holiday.
    The clock can change indication with analog or digital.
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